Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Screw Chillers - Best Option for Air Conditioning

Screw Chillers
Are you not satisfied with the present air conditioning system? Then screw chillers are the best option for you. But before purchasing it, one must be sure of its features and properties. A buyer must look for the finest and perfect transitory and operator before purchasing it. You will come across plenty of organizations but it totally depends on your choices whom do you trust most.

Prior you begin the inspection or enquiry; you are advised to know what screw chillers stand for? These are actually approved by vibrant and involves hi tech technology in its construction.  Its recommended to the customer to grant some time and just browse the specific air conditioning technology on Google as well as for transitory and operator who can favor you in order to have screw chillers which will surely provide relax relief in the hot warm season.

There are enormous points which should be noted down before browsing suppliers. The primary and forth most point is to understand the properties, application and lineaments of the device which you are interested. This will help you to acknowledge the variety and description which are being applicable in the scenario and its price range.

After grasping and analyzing all the data about the chiller, it’s time to have a look on constructors or manufacturers. It’s obvious that you will come across lots of organizations. But you have to pick the one which devotes for the top quality with reasonable price. Enumerate the prospect of organization, audit their manufactured device and then jot down the top five organizations which can value for your entrusted capital.

Two key points that is utmost important is for warranty and sales service. So, opt your preferred organization with proper research. Cristopia Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers twin screw compressor recommending semi-hermetic motor and twin independent refrigeration and hydraulic coils which functions separately. The device is being manufactured to regulate the process of heating and chilling process.   At the same time the manufacture device can work for different temperatures. Thereby it enhances the potential efficiency of chiller in contrast to other chiller. Moreover, it is user friendly, easily adjustable and much more flexible.

Properties of twin screw cooling devices or screw chillers:
  • Twin Screw Compressor: These twin screw compressors, comprises of semi-hermetic motor, independent from refrigerant circuits.
  • Multiple Evaporators: It consists of multiple evaporators that minimize flow of the refrigerated water and pumping power, with minimized bulk of device.
  • Advanced Electronic Expansion Valves: It helps in enhancing potential efficiency; regulate temperature and results in safety.
  • Intelligent Microprocessor-based Controls: Intelligent Microprocessor-based Controls grants completely integrated and maximum procedure with excellent rigor.

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