Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Energy efficient chillers: knows its types and applications

Summers have just started and it is clear that Sun is not going to be kind on us in any way. This definitely makes it vital that we only find a way out to beat the summer heat. Whether we talk about residential chiller or chillers used for commercial purposes, they are simply the best to combat the summer heat. Chillers as name suggests are electronic equipments which uses the process of evaporation and condensation to bring down the temperature in a room.
Now, moving from the simple definition of chillers to its types, they are classified on various grounds like functioning, portability and more. On the basis of functioning they are classified into two types, which are as follows:
Water cooled chillers: If you are looking for energy efficient chillers that can help you cut down power consumption and in turn your electricity bills then water cooled chillers are simply the best. They are also great alternative for set ups where air cooled chillers fail to deliver what is required.
Air cooled chillers: They don’t require a condense water pump and cooling pump. They also require less maintenance. It is great solution if you want to enjoy enduring services without being bothered by regular maintenance or servicing costs.
These cooling solutions are used in number of industries ranging from laboratories to plastic industry, printing industry, food processing and diary and many more. Depending on your requirements you can also opt for scroll chillers. Scroll chiller is basically used in mobile set ups or commercial HVAC cooling. These different types of cooling systems are becoming immensely popular amongst industries all around the world. And why not, they not only guarantee best cooling but are very pocket friendly solutions as well. In addition, by partnering with reputed and leading manufacturer like Cristopia Energy Systems, you can get best chillers for your residential or commercial requirement in your budgetary levels.
They specialize in large and small scale cooling and heating solutions. Backed by extensive industry experience, they guarantee 100% customer satisfaction as well as great savings on your electricity usage.


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